Shard Pendants

Broken glass shards take on a new life when paired with transparent jewel tones. Create vibrant dynamic illumination  in any space. Custom colors available.

B u m p i e s

Clear bits of glass are upcycled  onto the surface  to give  these  their  organic,  tactile feel. Ranging in all colors of the  rainbow,  they are great  as drink ware, candle votives, or  even as a  toothbrush holder!  Check back for new colors and collect them all. Contact us for your very own distinct hue!

C h u n k i e s

Colorful upcycled glass chunks create organic and one-of-kind tiny treasures.  Use as tealight votive, jewerly holder, salt cellar or even as a shot glass!

U p s i e s

​Upsies are loaded with colorful up-cycled glass shards in dynamic patterns.  Use these as drinking cups, candle votives, or even as a toothbrush holder. Seasonal and custom colors available.

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C r u s h e d   I c e

Recycled clear glass chunks mixed with fresh clear glass,  throwing  eye  catchingshadows and bending  the  light  around your favorite beverage.